Business movers Kansas City provide more than just moving your office or warehouse from one location to another. In addition to packing, transporting and setting up your furnishings and machinery, we store your business files and records offsite in a safe, secure location.

Business Movers Kansas City: Safe, Secure, Convenient

Your company can count on us! We take the worry out of relinquishing your valuable files because we have the strictest security storage compliance standards in the industry. No matter what kinds of records you need to store, our warehouse is equipped to keep everything dry, intact, and easily accessible – exceeding your highest expectations.

Business Movers Kansas City: WMS Storage Solutions

We provide customized storage solutions for Kansas City businesses every day. Our full service provides expert records retention and general warehousing services. Importantly, we utilize a state-of-the-art Interactive Internet Bar Coded Warehouse Management System. In addition, other services from Superior Moving & Storage include:

  • Experienced, Reliable Warehouse Staff
  • ADT Secured and Insured
  • Secure, Confidential Dead File Disposal
  • Convenient, Accessible Location
  • Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Expert Distribution Service

superior-business-movers-kansas-city-computerized-inventory-managementWhen you trust your valuable records, furniture, inventory and equipment to Superior Moving & Storage, leading business movers Kansas City since 1914, you can rest assured that your property is in the best place it can be.

Business Movers Kansas City: Efficient & Professional

When you entrust your important documents and other property to Superior Moving & Storage, our team of trained and experienced professionals will meticulously organize, index and inventory every item. We will create a searchable database with digital access that enables you to view and manage your inventory quickly and easily.

With our advanced barcoding technology and our dynamic filing system, the files you need can be retrieved within minutes, at any hour of the day and any day of the week. From a single document to an entire box, we make sure you receive your files without delay.


At Superior Moving & Storage, with more than 150,000 square feet secured warehouse and storage facilities in the Kansas City downtown area, whether you need to store, office equipment, office supplies, or boxes of documents, we can assist you.  If you need logistics or FFE services, Superior Moving & Storage can handle, store, deliver your property. Further, our online inventory system helps you can keep track of your records. 

Business Movers Kansas City: Choosing a Storage Warehouse

Finding the right business movers Kansas City storage facility will allow your company to run more efficiently as well as provide better service to your customers – which means more return business and better word-of-mouth advertising. Whatever you need to store, if you need to store it somewhere offsite, it should be within reasonable proximity to your business.

Likewise, a warehouse that offers shipping and receiving, with a well-mapped inventory storage system is vital. Naturally, finding a storage company that cares about your inventory as if it is their own, and that considers your customers as their customers, is optimal.

The Right Business Movers Kansas City

Whether moving inventory to a remote location or other services, we provide the finest moving and storage services available for your transportation and storage needs. We optimize the warehouse moving and transportation process with industry-leading technology and streamlined solutions tailored to your business needs. Not only will you experience a more productive facility, but you’ll also receive cost-saving solutions to make the most out of your warehousing and distribution.


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