As business movers in Kansas City, Superior Moving & Storage has facilitated numerous warehouse moves, both local and long distance. 

A company warehouse is no longer simply a storage facility; it can contribute to the overall efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of your business. When it isn’t doing that, it may be time to relocate your warehouse. 

Preparing for Warehouse Moving 

The comprehensive approach to planning and performance at Superior business movers in Kansas City is designed to give you the smoothest warehouse move possible. In addition to our general business movers services, we provide other solutions, such as:

  • Coordinate your move with your staff
  • Facilitate large-scale home relocation of employees 

Whether you’re expanding your warehouse, moving inventory around, adding or reducing the number of warehouses you occupy, the process of moving requires organizational skills. It can’t be done right without planning ahead. To help you with relocating, we have a few helpful tips. 

Make Realistic Estimates 

If you plan to continue operating your business during the moving preparations, it’s important that you take time to work out the logistics. You should also calculate realistic man hours for the time your employees’ will be conducting regular warehouse operations, compared to hours spent helping with the move. This will help you arrive at a more accurate figure of your overall projected costs. Keep in mind that unexpected things can happen, so be sure to allow additional time and resources for any issues that may come up. You can avoid taking your employees away from their dedicated job duties by relying on the efficient services of Superior Moving & Storage’s business movers services in Kansas City. 

Additionally, depending on how involved your employees will be in the warehouse moving process, you should communicate any pertinent information to them (e.g. details about location changes, moving day duties, etc). Work out a moving-day agenda in advance so your employees know when and where they are expected to be and what specific tasks they’re required to carry out. This will help you stay on top of everything that’s going on and avoid any snafus.

Organizing Inventory 

We have experienced the chaos that can occur with an ill-planned moving job. You’ll avoid a lot of problems by making sure everything is sorted, in its place and accounted for before moving day. This is one task your employees can be useful for because they are familiar with the equipment and inventory. However, we are experienced and skilled at accomplishing this for you, as well. We have learned the best strategies for reducing transportation costs and securing more capacity. An effective way to help with that is by discarding outdated, nonfunctional machinery or equipment stored in your warehouse. When you map out your move hours you should allow time to go through and purge. It can mean significant savings to you.

Equipment and Supplies 

What specific equipment and supplies will your move require? Another advantage of hiring Superior Moving & Storage in Kansas City is the assurance everything you need will be provided as part of our professional business movers services. If you need special safety gear for your employees, we have it. Whether you need a forklift and pallets or smaller supplies like packing tape, furniture pads, and protective film, we provide everything you’ll need.

The right business movers in Kansas City

Whether moving inventory to a remote location or other services, as business movers in Kansas City, we are experts at making the transition smooth and simple. We optimize the warehouse moving and transportation process with industry-leading technology and streamlined solutions tailored to your business needs. Not only will you experience a more productive facility, but you’ll also receive cost-saving solutions to make the most out of your warehousing and distribution.

As leading Kansas City business movers, our uniformed, clearly identified crews are specially trained in customer service, safety and professional techniques. Our staff members are fully briefed on the special requirements of your warehouse move. With our expert long-distance business movers service, in cooperation with Wheaton Van Lines, Superior is prepared to move you anywhere you need to go.

Some of the services Superior Moving & Storage provides as your Business Movers in Kansas City:

  • Advanced equipment
  • After Site Cleanup
  • Attention to every detail
  • Expert techniques
  • FF&E
  • International HHG Moving
  • Intra-State Kansas and Missouri Authority
  • Move Project Management
  • Equipment Decommissioning
  • Right Mover Service (Only from Superior)
  • Truck Load Freight
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving

Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles is designed and equipped specifically for damage-free moving – sized to suit your specific requirements. At Superior Moving & Storage, we have all of the tools and knowledge for all your warehouse moving needs. We can guarantee that all your possessions and items will be moved efficiently and cost-effectively from one area to another. We have the manpower and skills to handle your inventory, and we have the expertise to get your seismic-rated pallet racks disassembled and installed in your new location.

For an honest, reliable moving experience, whether it’s local or long-distance, contact us at Superior Moving & Storage will assemble a supremely efficient and knowledgeable crew, get your entire warehouse moved quickly and efficiently so that you can keep things running with as little interruption to your distribution chain as possible.

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