Moving Company Helping PeopleCommercial moving in the wintertime has its own set of particular circumstances. There are office parties, business transactions, and the usual workload to contend with in addition to the stress of planning and organizing the relocation of your business during this hectic time and it can be overwhelming for anybody.

There are so many things to consider for commercial moving, not only just finding the time to actually pack it all up, but the availability of employees and staff to help with the job. Holding a staff meeting to enlist help getting organized is the first step. Plan your work schedule for the least amount of disruption as possible, perhaps working evenings after normal business hours. Prioritize which items get packed first keeping out just enough to keep the business running while all non-essential things get packed. Then make sure packing materials, boxes, crates and other necessary supplies and equipment are available.

Weather conditions are an important factor in commercial moving – it’s going to be cold out and the possibility of snow, rain or ice always exists. Keeping both your current office and the one you are moving to warm and comfortable has to be considered for a couple of reasons. You don’t want your employees freezing while they try to box things up, and with the constant opening and closing of doors to the outside, cold air will come in. This can also be a problem if you have sensitive electronics that could be damaged by too-cold temperatures, so maintaining even temperatures in both locations is important. You could determine a staging area for the bulk of the items to be moved to that is closed off to the outside until the time the actual move begins to take place.

And talking about the weather, if there is ice and compacted snow on the ground, the path from the building to the moving truck should be cleared and all obstacles moved out of the way, so be sure to shovel walkways and put down salt to prevent slipping and anyone getting hurt. You should wrap furnishings and larger equipment in plastic or pack into plastic tubs instead of boxes to keep them dry. Make sure your moving helpers bundle up appropriately for the weather conditions and keep refreshments and warm drinks on hand for their convenience and comfort. Speak with the property manager at the new location in advance of the move, enlisting his help in making sure you’ll have ease of access on commercial moving day. You need to have unconstructed clearance and access to get inside, especially on bad-weather days.

There are benefits to moving in winter – you have more choices in the availability of commercial moving companies who will have a more open schedule and better rates. Overall, just stick to your plan and let your movers help. You will be open for business before you know it.  Superior Moving & Storage, as your premier commercial moving company in the Kansas City area, has the skills and experience to make it a seamless transition for your business with little to no downtime. Visit us online at and let’s put your commercial moving plan in action.