How long in advance should business movers Kansas City schedule a company move? What kind of planning needs to happen before the move? Superior Moving & Storage has been moving businesses in Kansas City since 1914 and can help you with what you need to do and determine the best time to do it. One of the best ways to facilitate business movers Kansas City is to schedule the move as early as possible with a professional moving company.

Planning A Business Move

The first thing you need to do is get a plan together. Working a move into a busy work schedule can be difficult to pull off. It requires a lot of juggling of schedules and figuring out the logistics to make sure everything lines up. Making sure there is little downtime ensures no loss of revenue and makes for happy customers, as movers kanssas city Superior Moving Storage

Determine a Budget

You should contact several companies and obtain two or three moving estimates and compare them by as many factors as are relevant to your needs. Rates are competitive and commensurate with peak-time moves and slow-season moves. Select the one that works best for you based on those factors – cost, recommendations, convenience, availability, etc. Waiting too long to find movers will result in some of the best companies having a full schedule and no availability to move your company. Delaying just means you’re going to end up in a time-crunch and possibly pay more and receive less than quality service.

Determine a Time Frame and Set a Date

You need to determine the final move-out date as soon as possible. Depending on how big your facility is and how much you have to move, allotting a few days for the actual move may be necessary. Make a list of all the things you need to do before the business movers Kansas City trucks arrive. Packing, organizing, and tearing down equipment can take time, so plan accordingly.

When Is The Best Time To Move?

The winter months are typically the slow season for professional movers and there are more available dates to choose from during those months. This is not the case during the peak season (from May to October). During these months business movers Kansas City can often be booked solid for weeks. It’s not unusual for moving companies to turn away as much business as they accept during the busiest months.

Why Is Scheduling In Advance Important?

How early is too early to plan your move? It’s NEVER too early to schedule your move! There is really no downside to booking your move once you’ve found the moving company you want to go with. So start planning now! Booking early means more professional business movers Kansas City are available. 

Plan Fall Moves Now

As one of the busiest times of the year, in order to secure the best dates to meet your schedule, booking in advance for a fall or winter move will ensure you have sufficient time to plan, organize and facilitate your move. Most moving companies recommend scheduling your move two to four weeks in advance. Scheduling early is also important if you don’t have a lot of flexibility with your moving date. Finding movers who can accommodate your schedule means you are more likely to find a company with available dates that fit your schedule.

Get your employees involved in the move early. Consider appointing a committee to help organize and plan the move. They can review all the tasks and assign roles as needed. Keeping everyone involved informed of your moving plans will keep your customers, clients, employees, and suppliers up-to-date on business activities during the move.

Hire Professional Packers

You have the option of choosing to have your business movers Kansas City do the planning, packing, transferring, etc. The earlier you get your move on the books, the more options you will have. If your budget can support it, do it. This can prevent a lot of headaches, and save you and your employees from having to pack up some of the more difficult spaces. Assign your employees the task of packing their own office or workspace. This provides an opportunity to do some purging, as well. Let the professionals do everything else.

Superior Moving & Storage offers expert business moving techniques, using advanced equipment. A team of professionals pays close attention to every detail. We also offer That’s Right Move Service, only from Superior. Our comprehensive approach to planning and performance for business movers Kansas City is designed to give you the smoothest move possible, at the best possible price: whether you’re moving to another floor or another state.

We are one of the Midwest’s leading companies and many corporations have counted on Superior for moving and storage solutions. Our professional skill and personal attention can make your move a smooth, efficient success. Call Superior today at 800-786-1662 for a FREE consultation and estimate, or visit us online