Sometimes home movers find themselves relocating during the holidays, and while it may be exciting in some respects, it can also be frustrating and overwhelming. So what do you do to make the move go efficiently with as little fuss as possible? While no one wants to move at such a hectic time of year, it can be unavoidable under the right circumstances. Superior Moving & Storage in Kansas City has facilitated many holiday moves and we can help you, too. Points to consider are: 

  • Holiday business hours

  • Availability of cable and utility companies

  • Weather conditions

  • Storage facilities for temporary moves

  • Family visits and holiday festivities

When home movers are making a permanent relocation move, they should anticipate their needs and schedule the move ahead of time, planning around the limited hours and days when many businesses are not open. Set a date with your moving company well in advance of the planned move taking into consideration the possibility of technicians and service companies being closed and unavailable. If you are moving during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, you will want to make sure you have power for lights and heat. You will need to stock up on food and household supplies, as well. You should schedule having your TV, internet and phone lines connected before moving day; the holidays tend to make it harder to secure a quick visit from an installer. Ensure you have plenty of time to get your new home set up and comfortable for the holidays.

Don’t forget to consider weather conditions. Pay attention to the forecasts in the days leading up to your move and allow for extra time in case of slick roads and bad weather. Have a shovel and rock salt on hand if snow is expected. Consider moving your belongings into the garage at your new home first to cut down on tracking in slush and snow.

If home movers are just making a temporary move, such as moving some things to storage prior to the holidays, make sure you arrange for a storage facility when the place is open for business, and ensure you will have access when you need it. If home owners are relocating temporarily for a seasonal job, or to attend college, or for any number of other reasons, planning ahead of time is essential. The interim period could be of short duration or long-term, but you still plan to come back to your main home base. So the plans you make need to take that into consideration. Arrange for lodging ahead of time – hotels, apartments with short leases or dormitories, whatever the case may be. Know where you’re going well before you leave.

When moving during the holidays, Kansas City home movers can be feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, physically and emotionally drained – you’ve had to take care of packing and unpacking, setting up your new home, taking care of all the details. Home movers should make sure to set aside time to celebrate the holidays. Not every box has to be unpacked right away. Spend the time making your home comfortable, and then take a break and just enjoy the time with your family.