The home movers Kansas City at Superior Moving & Storage work with homeowners to make moving as simple and stress-free as possible.

Once you’ve finally found your new home it’s time to get home movers Kansas City involved. With all the packing, planning, coordinating and organizing that goes into moving, your to-do list may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry—no matter what kind of move you’re planning, the pros at Superior Moving & Storage are here to help. Our trained professionals will be involved from the planning stages all the way through to unloading the last box off the truck and placing it in your new home.

Superior Moving Storage home movers kansas city happy couple moving dayPre-planning is essential when it comes to moving your residence. Everything needs to be well thought out and discussed with family members in advance. Having a plan in place prior to setting up your move is essential in order for everything to run smoothly and efficiently.

Superior Moving & Storage is dedicated to giving the best possible service to our customers. Here are a few tips for planning and packing your next move!

  • Decide what you want to take – Make a pre-pack checklist of items you want to take to your new house. Consider having a garage sale to get rid of things you no longer need or want. Or make a donation to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

  • Pack things you won’t need right away first. This allows you to still be comfortable in your current home until you get moved. Pack off-season clothes, sports gear and equipment and anything else that you won’t need until you get settled into your new home.

  • Packing and freezing as much food as possible will make it less likely to spoil during the move and will eliminate waste (and expense from having to restock). Any frozen food should be moved last and go immediately into the refrigerator or freezer at the new home upon arrival. If you are moving long distance, you can donate the food items, or give it to your friends and neighbors.

  • Pack fragile items with a gentle hand using lots of padding. The last thing you want is to get to the new destination and unpack boxes of broken heirlooms.

  • Pack necessities last. Pack a week’s worth of clothing in a separate bag to take with you on the move, and include things like medications and toiletries. If you’re flying to your new destination, luggage can be lost, so make sure you have what you need to get you by for at least a week.

  • If you have pets, this involves even more preparation. For many of us, our pets are like family members. Moving homes can be just as stressful for your pet as it is on you, so plan to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the move. Make sure your pet has a collar with ID tags and up to date vaccinations. Don’t forget to obtain your pet’s records from the veterinarian to transfer to a veterinarian near your new home. Keep pet supplies readily available and your pet tucked away in a safe place with favorite toys/blankets/beds to keep them comfortable.

  • Make sure all utilities, mail, trash pick up and other services at your current home are cancelled and scheduled to start at your new home. Things like phone service, television and internet service, for example, are good to have in place as soon as possible at your new home.

  • Transfer subscriptions for magazines, prescriptions for medications, doctors and clinics, club memberships, whenever possible. This can make a stressful situation better when acclimating to your new neighborhood or city.

  • If you have multiple vehicles to move, make arrangements in advance for towing or hiring drivers, if necessary; and make sure everything is adequately protected by insurance.

Moving is a tough process and should not be taken lightly. If you want to avoid all of these steps, try going to Superior Moving & Storage – we do all the planning and packing for you!

Our experienced home movers Kansas City have been helping area families and businesses with all of their relocation needs since 1914. With the help and resources that come with being an agent for Wheaton Van Lines, we are able to tackle virtually any move, no matter what the type, size or scope. We have access to a global network of moving and storage professionals who can get you anywhere in the world you need to go, quickly and easily.

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