home movingNot all home moving companies in Kansas City are the same. The services offered and cost of moving can vary greatly, and the reputation and quality of the various home moving companies can be drastically different. When you’re looking for movers, start your search by making a checklist similar to this to help you find the right home moving company for your needs.

Local or long-distance movers

Some moving businesses restrict their services to the greater Kansas City metro only. If you are moving out of town, out of state or across the country, make sure the moving company offers long-distance moves.

Licensed and insured

It is imperative the home moving company you choose has complete insurance coverage and is properly licensed. When you check about this, also find out if they guarantee their services.

Experience & training

A home moving company with a competent, experienced crew is definitely a plus. You need to be able to count on the staff to handle your property with care and respect. If the company is well established in the Kansas City area, it’s a good indication they’re doing something right and could be a good match for you.


Ask for and check references carefully. Find out what past customers’ experience with the home moving company was like. Obviously, if there are bad reviews, you should steer in the other direction.

Services offered

Does the home moving company do the packing for you? Do they dismantle large furniture items, and do they wrap your mirrors and precious objects? Do they unpack and set up once they are at your new location? This type of service will usually incur an additional cost, but can be well worth it, depending on your own ability to do, or not do it yourself.

Equipment & staffing

What condition are the home moving company’s trucks and equipment in? Do they keep them well serviced and maintained? Do they offer packing supplies? Are their employees trained, reliable, capable?

Scheduling and availability

Is the home moving company able to offer you a range of dates and times for your move? Do they return your calls promptly and respond openly to your requests?


The range of pricing for home moving companies in Kansas City can vary a lot. Depending on your budget and your anticipated needs, it can cost you anywhere from about $100 an hour to several hundreds. If you are moving typical household goods, boxes and crates, the cost will be much less than if you have a piano, for example, or a large pool table, or a lot of dismantling of furniture is required. The distance you are moving also factors in the cost – local moves are considerably less than long-distance moves.

Now that you have your move all planned out, it’s time to plan the trip itself. If you are moving across the country, it can be exhaustive, especially if you have young children. But even the adults need some comforts. Here is a checklist of some of the items you should take with you in the car.

  • A spare key, because no matter how organized and meticulous you are, lock-outs can still happen. So pack a spare car key in your purse or wallet and keep it there.
  • A change of clothes. After traveling for hours at a time, or if you stop for overnight lodging, you’ll want to clean up. Even if you don’t, when you arrive at your new location, your things are likely still packed – for quick access to a change, make sure you pack at least one complete outfit for each family member to take with you in the car.
  • Take along a few pillows and light blankets for passengers in the car. Long trips often result in the need to nap. Make your family members comfort a priority.
  • Personal care items, shower supplies, other bathroom essentials, especially if you’ll be spending a night at a motel during the trip. Store these items in plastic bags to reduce leaks during travel.
  • Snacks and drinks – especially for the younger passengers, so you don’t have to resort to gas-station junk food. A small cooler works well for these types of things.
  • Tissues, hand sanitizer, wet wipes – messes happen, so make sure you have on hand things you need to clean them up. Paper towels are great for sopping up spills, and you’ll need a trash bag to put the mess in.
  • A few other items: electronic devices, such as handheld games. Emergency road kit (in case you break down) and contact information should an emergency occur.

Start your home moving experience off right and remember to pack these essential items in your car. Your moving professionals will handle the rest.

As you can see just by this brief discussion, there are a lot of things to consider when scheduling home moving services in Kansas City. Superior Moving & Storage has been in business in this area for four generations. Our reputation is unmatched, and we are ready to meet with you to schedule your move.