Home moving Kansas City can be challenging – due in part to the shortage of available homes on the market. The competition with other prospective homeowners is fierce – just finding the right home can take months. And even after you’ve closed the deal on the home, you can run into even more difficulties when you try to schedule professional movers. Those are two fairly significant obstacles for anyone planning home moving Kansas City. 

Big cities all across America, including KC, are seeing the biggest housing shortage in 20 years, according to one real estate listing site. Their formulated data indicates that in Kansas City alone there are more than 55% fewer homes available for sale than just a year ago – particularly the availability of mid-range propertiesa three bedroom, two bathroom house is in the highest demandhas seen a 70% decrease in inventory over the past six years.

Current real estate marketing trends suggest that the best time for home moving Kansas City are during the months of May and June because those months have the highest number of homes available, with half selling almost immediatelyoften within two weeks of being listed. This makes buying a home a very competitive endeavor. Many people have gotten ‘creative’ in their bid to buy a home in the Kansas City area – some even putting in an offer sight-unseen or bidding well above the asking price. 

Homeowners can reap big benefits by listing their home during the peak season. We advise you to speak with a top real estate agent in your area. Home buyers have to be alert and ready to make their move if they want to find the right house at the right price in the right location. Real estate agents are on top of local trends in the market and should be consulted to help you make your decision. 

Home moving Kansas City in the summer will help to reduce the stress and the hassle of rushing to get relocated before fall or winter. Most families want to get relocated and settled in before school starts, so by putting your home up for sale in the spring, it is highly likely the home will sell during the summer and your family can be comfortably settled in your new home in plenty of time.

Another benefit of moving during the summer is conditions are better for realtors to stage and show your existing home. Buyers are more inclined to attend showings when the weather is pleasant than during the snow and ice of winter weather. If you’re planning on selling your existing home and moving before school starts, you should schedule as early as possible in order to ensure a seamless home moving Kansas City experience.

Timing is everything for both sellers and buyers, and we can’t stress enough how important it is that you get an early start to either selling your home, buying a new home, and scheduling with professional movers as early as you can.

On average more than 40 million people move each year in the United States, with an estimated 80% of those moves occurring between the months of April and September. The demand for movers during these months is very high. June, July and August is considered the “peak season” as they are the busiest months for home moving Kansas City. Keep in mind that all dates, even most weekdays, will be in high demand during peak season.

The beginning and the end of each month during peak season has the greatest demand, and morning hours are preferred over later hours in the day. Weekends, as can be expected, are the most desired days for home moving Kansas City, and the first dates to fill up on the mover’s calendar. It is best to schedule your move at least two weeks in advance in order to have a better choice of dates and times. Usually, the days just before Memorial Day and just after Labor Day are the least busy for most moving companies, and weekday moves have less demand than the weekends. If you have a choice, plan your move for late spring, summer or even early fall.

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