Home moving in Kansas City usually involves a short distance and you may question whether or not insurance is needed. Anything could happen when you’re relocating everything you own. You should make sure that your belongings are protected against loss or damage. 

Many homeowners just assume that their property is automatically covered for loss and damage through their homeowners’ policy, but that is not always the case. The fact is, most homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for home moving purposes. Some policies provide coverage only for the period of time that movers are inside the home packing and when transporting the goods to the truck, but are not covered once they leave the premises. Check with your agent for a review of your homeowners’ insurance coverage when planning your move. And check with your moving company to find out exactly what their insurance will cover once they take possession of your goods. Typically, policies cover only 10 percent of the belongings that are temporarily not at your home.

home movingMost home moving companies make certain guarantees against lost or damaged items but sometimes the protection is limited to only paying you a percentage of the value of your property. Basic coverage is required of all home moving companies to offer “Released Value Protection” which means you will be reimbursed at 60 cents per pound of the weight of your shipment and includes everything you are moving. Some companies have exclusions, such as loss due to ‘acts of God’ for example. You can buy total loss coverage, which will replace all of your belongings in case of a catastrophe, such as fire, theft, truck accident, etc. Individual items are not covered and this coverage is only in case of the total loss of your belongings.

To be sure that your possessions are protected each step of the way, including if you need to put them in storage, you must purchase an actual home moving insurance policy. Only a specific insurance moving policy provides full coverage of loss and damages. Most states prohibit moving companies from selling you the type of insurance you need, so you should check with your insurance agent or company.

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