Business movers in Kansas City during the winter months must have the capacity for the move and be able to schedule a safe secure move. Companies that are planning to relocate should schedule now in order to find a moving company who can accommodate all their needs. 

Why Is Scheduling In Advance Important? business Movers Kansas City
It’s never too early to schedule your move. You may have thought that the ideal time to relocate a business is in the spring or summer when the weather is warm. Moving during the peak season (May through October) can actually be the most expensive time of year because moving companies are in higher demand. Moving during the winter months (from Thanksgiving through the month of March) has significant advantages – even though it may be cold, you can save money and you have more options in selecting dates and times that work better for you.

Special Deals = Savings 
There is more flexibility with the business movers schedule during the ‘off’ months of winter. Business movers can be booked solid for weeks. It’s not unusual for moving companies to turn away as much business as they accept during the busiest months. By scheduling early, customers stand a better chance of getting the move scheduled on the day and time that works best for their needs. There is also a greater chance of working out a moving package that can result in bigger savings. January and February are typically slow months for moving companies and there are more opportunities for cost savings through discounts and special offers.

TIP: Scheduling business movers in the middle of the month in any season can often result in a more open calendar at the moving company.

How Long Does Business Movers Take
Moving your business affects every facet of the business and there’s a lot to consider. The earlier you can begin the easier the move becomes. How much time is enough time? There are many variables – starting with the size of building you’re moving from to where you’re moving to. The amount of inventory that has to be moved is also relative to a timeline – a large warehouse crammed to the rafters, for example, will require more time than a 6-person office with furniture and equipment. Most business owners want to avoid as much downtime as possible to prevent loss of revenue, and also to keep the customers happy. From a week to 10 days is an average schedule for business movers in most cases. Long distances that involve more travel time and many other variables will take longer – two weeks to a month – to facilitate.

Keep It Simple – Allow Extra Time 
Keep things as simple as possible and involve the entire staff in helping; it can make a big difference in how long it takes to get out of the current location and into the new one. That’s why realistic planning and scheduling is important – if you need a week to conduct the move, then plan for every hour of the day. If it’s going to take two weeks – make sure every detail is coordinated and everyone involved is on board.

It has been our experience that there are always revisions to the timeline – a supplier can’t make the specific date or utilities won’t be turned on at a certain time so it never hurts to allow a couple of days more than you think you might actually need – just in case. Again, we remind you that the earlier you get business movers scheduled the better. It can make a huge difference when you’re adhering to a specific time-frame for your move.

The professionals at Superior Moving & Storage business movers in Kansas City pay close attention to every detail. Our comprehensive approach to planning and performance is designed to give you the smoothest move possible, at the best possible price: whether you’re moving to another floor or another state. Some of the options we provide are:

  • Move Project Management
  • Truck Load Freight
  • Furniture Installation and De-Installation
  • Warehousing
  • FFE
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving
  • Intra State Kansas and Missouri Authority
  • W.B.E. (Disadvantage Women Owned Business)
  • Inside Deliveries
  • Office Furniture and Equipment De-Commissioning  
  • After Site Cleanup
  • International HHG Moving

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