Superior Moving & Storage are expert office movers in the Kansas City moving and storage industry. We offer a wide range of options and services for companies on the move. If you’re looking for quality office movers, look no further. Moving your entire office to a new facility, or enlarging your current space, is an incredibly comprehensive task that requires disciplined project planning, excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of business needs.

office-movers kansas city superior moving storageYou have an excellent opportunity to increase your staff’s productivity by enlisting their help with the move or remodel. By engaging your staff in the process, it can mean a renewed, revived and determined group of employees, all eager to give of themselves and effect a smooth, efficient move. Superior Moving & Storage’s office movers will assist you from start to finish, making sure to consider all the variables during your major office project or move. Our Kansas City based office movers will work with your team and partners to carefully transfer and set up any technical systems you have in place.

We suggest that when moving or enlarging your office space you should consider involving your employees, by assigning or asking for volunteers for individual tasks in preparation for the move. Meet with your staff well in advance of the moving date, explain the project, and ask for their input. Ask them what they think, how do they envision their ideal working space, and what don’t they like about the current set-up? Allowing them to be frank and detailed lets them know their contributions can help shape the new space to their liking, and that their opinions will be taken into account whenever possible. A good work-life balance is important for everyone.

Enlist your staff in creating an adequate and updated kitchen with a decent coffee machine and well-stocked supply cabinets. Cutting back on providing a good kitchen and snack space/break area is a mistake. If your employees can’t enjoy their work environment, morale starts to slide and resentment will build. By paying attention to their needs and wishes you’ll be rewarded with an upward turn in output and morale. Going a step further, provide opportunities for recreation during break periods. This could be anything from video games to a rock-climbing wall. Get creative. Ask for their ideas, and let them create the space. Encourage them to develop friendships with one another during dedicated break periods.

Kansas City office movers, Superior Moving & Storage,  is ready to schedule your move, so give us a call or visit us online and set up an appointment for a consultation. Let’s get started planning your move today.