We recently found an info graphic from our friends at Wheaton World Wide Moving that we found very interesting. It starts about a month before your move and gives you advice and tips throughout the weeks until your eventual move in date. Superior Moving are your residential movers here in Kansas City. We’d like to use the information from their world wide moving website and to summarize the main points here for our customers and potential customers 

4 Weeks Out 

  • You know you will be changing residential addresses, so planning ahead will make all the difference. This includes going to the Post Office and filing a change of address form. Banks and subscriptions should be notified as well. If you are moving out of Kansas City, be sure to have your medical records, and get suggestions for new doctors and dentists in your new residential area. Your children’s schools, your church, and other areas of interest should know where you will be ending up. Your utilities are important to, so having them scheduled to be turned off or switched to your new address. 

3 Weeks Out

  • Which items will you be packing yourself? If you have an idea of your new residential home floor plan, you can start sketching out where to put your inventory. Plants and pets are inventory, too. If you can, transfer your current insurance that covers, fire, theft and personal property to your new home.

2 Weeks Out 

  • Servicing for any appliances you may have to install again should be contacted. For safety reasons, any flammable items should be tossed. You won’t need regular services like trash pick-up and newspaper delivery, so cancel those when you get the chance.

1 Week Out

  • Phone, cable, and internet should be disconnected at your old residential home and connected at your new one. Frozen food can be given away or trashed if you don’t use them. For safety, make sure you any gas-powered equipment has the fuel removed. Jewelry should be kept with a designated person.


  • An emergency box of necessities comes in handy when you arrive at your new home, so pack carefully and keep it close. Say goodbye to your refrigerator by giving it one last farewell scrub and defrost.


  • It’s nice to be at home when the movers arrive, and to stay as your belongings are loaded. If you can’t be there, make sure the company knows who is in charge. Have your inventory be checked as they are inventoried and loaded. Say goodbye to your old residential home, making sure you haven’t missed anything.


  • Congratulations, you’ve made it this far. Try to arrive early to see if utilities are connected. Enjoy unpacking, making sure your major items go first. Payment is always welcome beforehand.