Residential movers Kansas City have preparing for moving day down to a fine art. We’ve moved hundreds of local residents over the years. We know how packing up and moving to a new home has many challenges and how stressful it can be. Here are some suggestions, based on our experience, that can help you get ready for your move.

Plan, Prepare, Organize 

Three or four months ahead of time, if possible, start planning, preparing and organizing your move. Everything will go a lot smoother if you don’t wait until crunch time to get started. By planning early, you have ample time to accomplish all the many tasks involved with relocating your home.

Further, you need time to give a change of address to schools, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and your bank. Be sure to request copies of personal files to take with you if you’re leaving the area. As soon as you know when you’ll be moving, start planning.

Create a Timeline – We have found that it helps to create a timeline to help you stay on track. Having a plan to follow can also help eliminate a lot of stress. Make a list and check things off as you go.

Make a Budget – This helps to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford. A carefully thought out, realistic budget keeps track of expenditures for hiring movers, buying supplies, and purchasing extra insurance. Be sure to allow a little extra for anything unexpected that comes up.

Schedule Early – Moving companies are in high demand, and it’s a good idea to schedule residential moving Kansas City as early as possible. You’ll have more choices of dates and times, plus you can save money.

Purchase Supplies – Be sure to purchase boxes, tape and packing supplies right away so you can pack up the things you won’t be needing prior to moving. Having the things you need on hand and readily available will help keep you organized.

Sort, Organize, Pack – Moving is an ideal time to take inventory of your possessions, sorting and organizing as you go. Don’t forget the attic, basement, garage or outdoor storage shed. Decide what to keep and what to donate or discard. There are numerous charity agencies that accept donations, and many will pick it up. This is also an opportune time to make any special arrangements for precious items, such as antiques or paintings. For tips on how to pack, click here.

Final Week Check

Moving day is a week away and there are it’s time to tie up a few loose ends. If you have not already done so:

  • Submit a change form to the post office, newspaper, and other subscriptions. Notify utility companies, phone service, and internet provider of the new address, as well.
  • If you are moving pets, make sure you have adequate crates and/or boarding established. Order refills on any prescriptions and make sure your records will be transferred to new providers at your new location.
  • Pack a ‘first-night’ box with personal items, toiletries, towels, bedding and activities for the kids and yourself (don’t forget chargers for your electronics).
  • Make a run to the ATM or your bank and withdraw sufficient cash for anything you’ll need that doesn’t involve a credit or debit card.
  • Confirm the date and time with your residential moving Kansas City movers a few days ahead.
  • If you’re moving from an apartment, let the landlord know that movers will be there and arrange for any special accommodations. Ditto for your new home if it’s an apartment or condo. If you are leaving a rental home or apartment, make sure to have a final walk-through arranged with management.
  • Take care of any last-minute issues, such as meter readings for utility companies.
  • Make sure a responsible adult is present to greet the movers and approve the moving company’s inventory sheet and bill of lading.

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