superior-moving-storage-residential-movers-professional-movers-kansas-cityResidential moving can be an aggravating and stressful experience and if you’ve ever done it before, you probably promised yourself to never do it again. The sorting and packing and planning can take weeks or months, and it can be mentally and physically exhausting for everybody. Perhaps you are conflicted now, remembering your past do-it-yourself move and now you’re trying to decide whether to do it all again, or to hire professional movers this time. It’s a big decision, but either way it can be a successful venture.

Let’s examine a few of the pros and cons to residential moving. If you do it yourself, you already know it is going to require a lot more work and planning, but it can be cheaper to go that route. Even though hiring someone else to do all the work will make your life easier, you’re still going to be paying for the privilege. So ask yourself some questions to try to help make the decision about which approach will be best for your upcoming move.

First off, how far away are you moving from your present location? And how much stuff do you have to move? If it’s just across town in Kansas City or not very far away overall, and if you don’t have a full house of possessions, then putting everything into the back of a pick-up truck would probably make the most sense. If you already own a pick-up truck, great, or maybe someone in your circle of friends or family has one you can borrow, then all it costs is the price of a tank of gas. Renting an appropriate sized truck isn’t all that expensive either, you just have to pay a little more for insurance and things that you might need such as a furniture dolly, furniture pads and things like that.

You’ll need help carrying the larger items you have, especially if there are appliances involved. Calling on friends is an option but it might not be easy to coordinate everyone’s schedules, and let’s face it – some folks just run the other way when you say ‘I need your help moving.’ There isn’t usually much cost involved other than maybe the promise of a beer or a barbecue after you get settled, but the downside of having this kind of help is that they might not have a lot of consideration for your stuff, so you can usually expect some damaged items in the process.

The cost of your move is most likely the biggest factor in deciding on doing it yourself or hiring a residential moving company. It might not seem practical to you to pay out money for something you can do yourself; however, there are other things to take into consideration – such as the distance of the move if it’s across the state or the country, how much stuff do you have to move, and needing professional help loading and unloading. Important to consider also is the value of your time – can you afford to take off work to get it all done? With hiring a residential moving company in Kansas City, you can have peace of mind. These folks are the experts and very efficient. They respect your property and take pride in facilitating a smooth, problem-free move, wherever you want to go. They have the trucks and all the equipment and supplies necessary to wrap and pack and transport your belongings, and they are fully insured and accountable.

When determining between DIY residential moving or professional residential moving, be realistic and consider all the options. While it may be cheaper to do it yourself, you need to decide if that’s going to be enough in light of all the trouble and aggravation it may cause you. Superior Moving & Storage has a proven track record and many satisfied clients and is a leading residential moving company in Kansas City. Give us a call for a free estimate. Or visit us online at