The busiest time of the year for residential moving in Kansas City is the summer months. School is out and vacations are planned and the weather is warm and dry. This is peak moving time and the rates of moving companies will reflect this, as well as having fewer options for available dates and times to schedule your move.

Residential Moving In The Fall - What To Expect in Kansas CityAs the demand for residential moving services begins to fall off after the summer months, moving companies become more available as schedules are not as full, so you will have more choices when it comes to selecting ideal dates and times for scheduling moving in Kansas City. Superior Moving & Storage gets very busy in the summer and the appointments have been scheduled weeks, or even months, in advance. If you have some flexibility in your calendar, you should give some consideration to planning your move in the fall, for several reasons.

The rates at moving companies are going to be more affordable in the fall than they are in the busy season so you’re going to save money. Better yet, if you plan your move for a weekday, rather than a weekend, you may even find better rates because there is usually less demand for residential moving during the middle of the week – weekends are always busiest. Also, by moving in the fall, moving supplies – boxes, packing materials – have been restocked by then, so no worries about a shortage of stuff you need for your move.

If you wait until winter for residential moving, you run the risk of inclement weather conditions – cold temperatures, snow or ice. The more moderate temperatures in the fall of the year makes for a much more comfortable move; you don’t have the hot, sticky weather of summer or the frigid temps of winter nor run the risk of moving with icy road conditions.

If you have kids, you need to take into consideration when school starts up again in the fall, so you should plan your moving date with that in mind, to avoid any inconvenient interruptions to their school year.

Another plus for residential moving in the fall, if you will be traveling through scenic parts of the country, there’s all that natural beauty to take in – changing leaves, clear mountain views, lakes or rivers to admire. Make it a photo-op – keep your camera at hand to capture the beauty of the landscape around you as you travel to your new home.

To get ready for your fall move, here is a handy tip: Leaves on the ground can be a safety hazard. A slip-and-fall could damage not only your possessions, but could hurt you! And worse, if you’re hiring professional movers, you risk liability issues. So make sure to clear your drive and walkways, keeping a clear pathway for carrying boxes and furniture and all the stuff from your house. Bag up the leaves, pick up twigs and debris from the area.

Superior Moving & Storage is ready to schedule your residential move now, so contact us now to see what your best options are.