Residential moving Kansas City presents many challenges and requires careful preparation and planning. Once you have picked a moving date and have a deadline to work with, it’s time to get started.
There are several steps to take prior to packing a container for residential moving Kansas City, starting with making a plan. Then you need to make a list, prioritizing what needs to get done. This can cut down on confusion and the entire process will go a lot smoother. Check things off as you work down the list.
Getting Organized
A common mistake we see is when people pack to move they didn’t take time to organize. Organizing before packing can cut down on a lot of frustration. Avoid this and other mistakes that go hand-in-hand with residential moving Kansas City by sorting and getting rid of clutter. Keep like things together. Make a list and keep track of your progress. 
Boxes and Supplies 
Choosing appropriate boxes – the right type and size of boxes are important when preparing to move. It makes a huge difference when you’re loading a packing container. While you’re at it, pick up packing tape, furniture pads, shrink wrap and other supplies you might need.
Packing the Container
When you’re trying to fit your material world into a box, essentially, there is a method that will make residential moving Kansas City a lot less frustrating and a lot more efficient. There is a process of packing up your possessions safely and securely.
Careful attention to packing the container can prevent damage and maximize the space. Smaller containers packed inside larger ones helps consolidate smaller items (e.g. items from a desk drawer, cosmetics, kitchen flatware). Smaller containers can add structure and support, and protect other items inside the container.
Pack in Tiers
Create a series of tiers one at a time all the way through, working from back to front, bottom to top. Tiers are vertical layers of a mix of furniture, boxes and loose items that reach clear up to the roof of the packing container, from beginning to end.
First, you need to create a base, which is the foundation on which you build each tier. Start by pushing a stout piece of furniture, such as a dresser, desk or bookcase, flush against the back wall of the container. The base can consist of a variety of items from tier to tier – a large rolling tool chest, a few dense and heavy chests, an upright piano – whatever you use, the goal is to build a neat, tight, sturdy tier. Then starting putting medium size and weight items and boxes on top of the base, building it up, with smaller, lighter items at the top, such as bags of soft things (clothing, bedding, etc).
Load Distribution
When building the tier onto the base and progressively filling up the packing container, pay attention to the weight distribution within each tier and throughout the load as a whole. As much as possible, maintain a degree of overall balance all the way across and throughout the container. When your load is balanced, the movement during transport won’t cause items to lean, fall or get crushed. Working back to front, left to right, bottom to top, heavy to light, is a system that will maximize the space of the container while creating balance and protecting your property.
Fitting it In
Avoid cramming things in any which way. That’s just all kinds of wrong. Fitting items into each tier to create a tight fit is a process that takes a bit of time and patience. Finding smaller items to fit into small spaces around the larger items may not seem important, but it adds to packing a tight, balanced load that will travel well when residential moving Kansas City.
Loading a storage container residential moving Kansas City generally just requires a healthy dose of good common sense. When you keep in mind that you need to maximize your use of space while minimizing the chance of damage to your property, you really shouldn’t have any problems.
Any part of packing and moving can be stressful, whether it’s local or long-distance. It’s time intensive and physically demanding. If you want to avoid moving mistakes or are unable to load a packing container – hiring professional moving help is your best option. Whether you just want your dishes packed or your whole household packed and loaded, professional movers can do as much or as little as you need.
At Superior Moving & Storage, we have built a successful, respected company providing residential moving Kansas City. We can move you across town, across the state, or out of the country. Our crews are licensed, bonded and trained. We respect your property and we can ensure efficiency and expertise when handling your belongings.
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