Finding a reputable residential moving Kansas City company requires some careful research. You want to make sure you hire a company you can trust, who has a top-notch reputation in the business. There are some companies who will quote low-ball prices and then not follow through on service, jacking up the bill – essentially taking your possessions hostage until you pay up. Some companies will charge an exorbitant deposit up-front. We’ve heard of shady movers putting the homeowner’s property in storage thereby forcing them to pay extra in order to get it back.

Here are a few pointers to help you avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous movers.

  1. Hire local movers. Don’t choose a random company you found on the Internet. When you hire a locally based company you have the ability to visit their office, meet people in person, and find out first-hand what they offer and the kind of trucks and equipment they use.

  2. Ask for Estimates – at least three written estimates. Examine for low-ball prices and unrealistic promises. Scammers take advantage of prospective customers who make contact by phone or online. Select several residential moving Kansas City companies and examine the estimates closely. A reputable company will send someone to your home to make a realistic, in-person estimate.

  3. Ask for the company’s credentials. Legitimate companies who provide out-of-state moving services will have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number as well a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which serves as a license to conduct interstate commerce. The American Moving & Storage Association’s ProMover program subjects commercial movers to a background check and requires them to adhere to the association’s standards, so it’s a good idea to find out if the company you are considering hiring has this accreditation, as well.

  4. Reviews. When you are reviewing online residential moving Kansas City companies, reading reviews can be very beneficial in helping you make the right choice. Check to see if the Better Business Bureau has a report on them and it goes without saying you should steer clear of anything unsavory, especially if there are multiple complaints and government actions. The DOT also provides the moving company’s complaint history.

  5. Deposits and Fees. A deposit of more than 20% of the estimated cost of the move is suspect. Many professional moving companies don’t require payment until the move has been completed. A professional mover will offer competitive pricing based on what’s available around the area. By comparing several different companies, you can arrive at a fair price for their services. Make sure anything you pay is paid with a credit card – if it’s a deposit or payment for the residential moving Kansas City service. You will need this record of the transaction as recourse if there is wrongdoing.

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