Residential moving is an undeniably hectic and stressful undertaking. There are so many things that need to be done, anyone can easily make mistakes, However, most mistakes with residential moving are avoidable. In our experience at Superior Moving and Storage in Kansas City, we’ve seen it all. We’d like to help make your Kansas City residential moving experience less stressful by pointing out the mistakes we most often see, and offer a few suggestions for ensuring a smooth, trouble-free move.

Top 5 Residential Moving Mistakes

There is a lot to stay on top of when you’re moving – hiring professional movers, keeping track of records, making sure the kids and pets are taken care of and so much more. You can make your residential moving easier by avoiding these common moving mistakes

1. Failure To Plan Ahead

Procrastination and failing to prepare is almost a guaranteed disaster in the making. Even a small residential moving project, like moving a small apartment across town, can be stressful and more costly than it needs to be if not well planned-out. As soon as you know you’re going to be moving – start planning.

Schedule the movers as early as possible – this gives you the best choice of dates and times for their availability. Planning residential moving in Kansas City early can save money by getting the best rates, as well. Start packing and notify your utility companies, post office and internet provider as soon as you can. Prepare an inventory list for what to keep and what to give away. Start a notebook or binder to keep copies of your lists, moving estimate and other pertinent records in. 

Then plan for the unexpected – that means have a back-up plan. Things like weather conditions and traffic can interfere with even the best laid plans.

2. Choosing the Wrong Residential Moving Company

It’s vital that you put some effort into choosing a professional moving company with an established reputation and guaranteed services. Relying on the help of your roommate’s friends and a pickup truck can lead to disappointment and wasted time and money. Even hiring the wrong moving company can cost more than expected – there may be hidden charges that result in higher costs than you were originally quoted. Even worse, your property could be damaged or stolen.

It’s best to get quotes from at least three local residential moving companies – in person is better than over the phone – and ask for an in-home estimate. Compare the estimates, and be sure to check them out with your local Kansas City chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau to help find moving companies with years of experience and a solid reputation. When you have made your selection and come to an agreement, be sure to read the contract. It should include all the information about your move and information regarding the mover’s liability.

3. Improper Packing

Not packing completely or improperly packing, even for a short distance, can result in a disorganized mess and make residential moving take much longer than necessary. Follow these rules for packing correctly:

  • Sort into piles of what to take and what to give away or dispose of.
  • Pack everything in sealed boxes or containers.
  • Prepare ahead by packing things you won’t be needing right away.
  • Make a list of everything you are taking and label it.
  • Moving boxes should not exceed 50 pounds. Pack heavier items – especially things like books – in smaller boxes.
  • Wrap breakables and delicate items sufficiently to prevent breakage.
  • Set aside a ‘go bag’ of clothing and necessities that you will need once you’ve gotten to your new location.

Taking these extra steps can make a huge difference in the overall success of the move – it will save you time and make things easier to find.

4. Insufficient Insurance

Even if every item you own is carefully packed and handled by experienced movers, accidents can happen. It’s important to have adequate insurance for residential moving. This will ensure that if something gets damaged, your property is protected. When you talk to your moving company, find out the details of its liability coverage policies. This coverage may either be based on the total weight of your items, the assessed value of your items or the full value of replacement of your items.

5. Forgetting The Details

Some things many movers forget are the things that will have the highest impact on the success of the move. For that reason, we cannot understate the importance of paying close attention to the small things.

  • Jewelry and small valuables can become easily damaged and misplaced. The safest place to keep them is with you or somewhere safe in your vehicle. Make sure to pack each item in an appropriately sized container or protective case.
  • Moving is stressful on pets! Try to keep their routine as normal as possible. Also, arrange a visit to the veterinarian for booster shots and any needed medications.
  • Back up your computer before residential moving. Electronics are fragile and expensive to replace. You may want to make copies of paper documents or scan them to a flash drive or the cloud. Keep crucial documents, like insurance forms, medical cards, tax returns and birth and marriage certificates in a safe place, or carry with you.

Superior Moving & Storage in Kansas City offers a premium packing service

If you are unable to manage your moving, or just want additional help, we will be more than happy to provide our professional residential moving services. Our moving crew will carefully pack up all of your household goods, furniture, knick-knacks, and personal items – whatever you want to take – in a safe and secure manner to ensure that your possessions are protected during transport from your old house to your new home. Larger or more fragile items such as crockery, glassware, mirrors, and ornaments will receive careful attention and handling to prevent damage during transit. 

Affordable Rates

Superior makes it easy and affordable to customize your move. Based on our years of experience and proven customer satisfaction, we offer home movers packages that let you bundle and save on the extras you choose. Our convenient service add-ons and additional protection options can enhance your home moving experience with professional services that will leave you with peace of mind. 

Stress-Free Kansas City Residential Moving

We understand that packing is just as important as any other part of the moving process. We also know how stressful and intimidating a task it can be. When you’re getting ready to move your home, you can ‘de-stress’ a lot by letting us pack everything up for you. 

Superior Service

At Superior, we will be happy to address any concerns you may have. So if you want honest, reliable home movers services, either local or long-distance, contact us at Superior Moving & Storage. We can move you across town, across the state, or out of the country. For a no cost, no obligation estimate for home movers in Kansas City, fill out the quick quote form on our website and one of our customer service representatives will contact you promptly. 

For a no cost, no obligation estimate fill out the Quick Quote form on our website and one of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you promptly.


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