Home moving Kansas City doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Superior Moving & Storage offers these top 5 TIPS to help you reduce stress and make the entire process go more smoothly. Moving is a frustrating and complex process. We can help make sure you have an easy and stress-free move when planning home moving Kansas City:

Plan Ahead

Plan your move early – two or three months in advance. Here are some tips to help you get started. Creating a moving-countdown list can be beneficial to help you know what to do and when to do it when planning residential moving Kansas City. Schedule your move outside the peak season (which is late Spring, early Summer) as most moving companies are busiest at this time and you will be limited to finding the right moving company for the time-frame that you need to move. Don’t wait until the last minute to get the ball rolling – moving day takes awhile. Home moving Kansas City can take longer than anticipated for any number of reasons. Between getting everything ready for the move and then unpacking and getting settled at your new place, you’ll be exhausted.

Hire Local Movers

This gives you the ability to visit their office, meet people in person, and see first-hand what kind of trucks and equipment they use. Ask for a written estimate from several moving companies and compare them closely. A reputable company will send someone to your home to make a realistic, in-person estimate. Ask for their credentials – in addition to checking their D.O.T. number, ask if they conduct background checks on employees and if they are in compliance with industry standards. When you are reviewing moving companies, read the reviews. Check if the Better Business Bureau has a report on them. The D.O.T. also provides the moving company’s complaint history.   

Get Packing

Moving isn’t fun, but the longer you put it off the worse it will be. Once you have scheduled the move, purchase supplies and start packing. Take inventory of your home, listing everything you plan to take. Don’t forget the attic, basement, garage and outdoor furniture. Then start sorting and packing. This is a great opportunity to declutter. Do a clean sweep of your home a room at a time, creating piles of items to keep or donate. Give yourself enough time to pack; it will help make sure your belongings are safe and secure for home moving Kansas City. Don’t even want to think about it? Hire us to do it – our movers are expert packers.

Stay On Schedule

A couple of months prior to the scheduled moving date, contact schools, doctors, dentists, lawyers and bank to request copies of personal files. 
Submit a change of address form to the post office and notify newspapers and subscriptions to magazines of your new address. Contact utility companies, phone service, internet providers, etc. of the new address, as well. If you’re moving from an apartment, let the landlord know that movers will be there and arrange for any special accommodations. Ditto for your new home if it’s an apartment or condo. Take care of any last-minute issues such as meter readings for the utility companies and approve the moving company’s inventory sheet and bill of lading. If you are leaving a rental home or apartment, make sure to have a final walk-through arranged with management. If you are moving pets, make sure you have adequate crates and/or boarding established. Order refills on any prescriptions and make sure your records will be transferred to new providers at your new location. Pack a ‘first-night’ box with personal items, toiletries, towels, bedding and activities for the kids and yourself (don’t forget chargers for your electronics). Make a run to the ATM or your bank and withdraw sufficient cash for anything you’ll need that doesn’t involve a credit or debit card.

Insurance and Payment Policies

You may not think you need insurance for home moving Kansas City, but you probably should. While professional movers provide a basic level of coverage, you’ll want to buy additional insurance to ensure everything involved with the move, start to finish, is covered. Whether you use our moving and packing services or someone else’s, make sure you get everything in writing. Whether email or printed receipt, you’ll want to know exactly what you are being charged for and avoid any unnecessary confusion or surprises. If you have any questions about what you receive, call right away to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Moving can be a stressful event, whether it’s local or long-distance. At Superior Moving & Storage, we have been providing residential moving Kansas City since 1914. We can move you across town, across the state, or out of the country. Our crews are licensed, bonded and trained. We respect your property and we can ensure efficiency and expertise when handling your belongings.

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